Welcome to The Findom Club

KING G – @FindomGarret (Twitter)

If you’re visiting for the first time, welcome! This website is dedicated to Financial Domination (or Findom for short). The page you’re reading now is just the beginning of this site. Please check out the menu for access to the dozens of other pages.

Although Findom exists on many different platforms, most of what I’ll reference throughout the website can be found on Twitter. Definitely check out my Twitter page there where I’m listed as @Master_Updates. I created that name because I wanted to be a “go to” place to see updates on various Doms (or Masters) in the scene. I also wanted to be a resource for Doms and subs who were trying figure out what Findom was all about.

After getting many of the same questions over and over, I decided to created this website (even though I had literally no experience in website design). I know it’s not the most up-to-date looking site out there, but I have tried to keep it full of useful information about the scene. As new issues or needs arise, I try to do a bit of research and get the necessary information added to the site.

If you’re new to Findom, I suggest you read the Findom 101 page which is full of background information about the scene. If you’re a new sub, definitely check out my Advice for New Subs page which provides a lot of explanation about what it means to be a sub in the Findom scene. If you’re a new Dom, then check out the Advice for New Doms page.

As you start getting more involved in Findom, you’ll start to hear Doms and subs talking about thinks like Dom verification, retweet games, debt contracts, real-time sessions, retweet/promo accounts, etc. I have pages on the website dedicated to each of these concepts and more. Although all of my Findom experience is with male Doms, much of what is described on the website can be useful for female Dommes as well.

One way to get familiar with all of the nuances of the Findom scene is to take the Findom survey. As of this writing, more than 3000 Doms and subs from around the world have taken the survey. One thing I’ve learned from those data so far: Of the 900 Doms who took the survey, 32% are gay, 29% are straight, and 27% are bi-sexual. That gives you a quick sense of the diversity of Alphas in the scene.

While I do my best to promote a form of “ethical Findom” where Doms and subs can enjoy each other and the scene, there are still lots of bad apples out there. Each year I post a tweet about the 10 things we need to fix about Findom. That said, I’ve met some of the coolest most interesting people while engaging in this scene, both Doms and subs.

I hope you’ll take your time and explore the website and all of its resources. I also hope you’ll check out the scene on Twitter and get a better sense of the kinds of things you’re into. Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions for the page, I hope you’ll reach out to me on Twitter. Welcome to The Findom Club!