Advice for New Doms

As a sub, I offer the following advice with the utmost respect. I realize, as a Dom, you are superior to me in all ways. The advice that I offer is based on 20+ years in this scene and my observations of what currently is happening in Findom. Finally, if you’re not familiar with what Findom is, please read this page first:

First let me say this…most of you will not survive in this scene longer than a month…two at the most. The reason I say this is because many of you will not be willing to invest the time that is needed to be successful. It truly does require dedication and focus.

That said, I offer the advice below. Also, if anyone has questions, please do not hesitate to message me on Twitter:

Here are eight steps to get you started in your Findom journey:

  1. Determine how you will differentiate yourself from the tens of thousands of other Doms and Cash Masters. The standard “fuck you…pay me” approach has been used and abused by almost every new Dom. Just because you’ve decided you want to become a Cash Dom doesn’t mean people will automatically start throwing cash your way. Somehow, you have to offer something unique…a reason to choose you over the many others.
  2. Do a verification video so subs can connect you to your unique Twitter ID. (See section on this website giving tips on how to set this up.) I see fake Dom profiles every single day, and some of them are very successful at scamming subs of their cash. YOU NEED TO PROVE YOU ARE REAL! Subs have to know they are paying  the person in the picture.
  3. Start by getting to know a few subs. See how they think. Take time to learn their triggers and how to push their buttons. Hear what they are NOT getting from their other Doms. Also take time to study other Doms’ tweets. This doesn’t mean you have to imitate exactly what you see. But by doing some homework, you’ll start to get a sense of what approaches seem to work and not work. Taking the time to understand various subs’ needs and what Doms are doing to fulfill them will make you smarter about your own approach.
  4. Take time to determine which Findom approach you might take. In my 25 years, I’ve seen Doms and subs do “Findom” very differently. Below are 3 different ways that come to mind. I also think it’s possible for a Dom to be transactional with one sub and have a “pure financial domination” relationship with another.
  5. During your early tweets use #hashtags. Twitter has recently begun frowning upon the use of the “#findom” and other related  hashtags, but there are many others including: #footmaster #footslave #master #cashpig #alpha #finsub #cashsub #alphamale #alphagod #domination, #musclegod #footgod #musclemaster #footfetish #armpits, #armpitfetish #spitfetish etc. Check out what hashtags other Doms are using and consider using them yourself.
  6. Find subs who will retweet your content. Some retweet subs are like bots..they will automatically retweet everything you say, and others will thoughtfully comment on your tweets. Build relationships with these subs, particularly those with large followings (over 1000). Also consider getting to know large retweet and promotion accounts.
  7. Don’t do stupid shit. For example, some subs will beg you to blackmail them. Believe it or not, it’s a fetish for some. It’s also illegal. Other subs love being humiliated and called “faggot” and other derogatory terms. If you choose to those words in a tweet, Twitter has grounds to suspend or close your account. (See Bottom line, don’t do anything illegal, immoral, or just plain stupid.
  8. Don’t fall for sub scams! While there are truly MANY subs who will tribute the cash and gifts you deserve, there are MANY MANY MORE who will try to scam you out of your time. They will talk to you forever with promises to send, but somehow never quite get around to it. Some use tricks like the “Amazon wish list scam” where they appear to “buy” you tons of items from your list. On your side, it will look like the gifts are coming, but of course they never will! All the scamming sub has to do is click “buying items elsewhere” and it disappears from your wishlist as if it was purchased. A scamming sub could also actually buy them and cancel them before they ship. In either case, on your end it appears the items have been purchased. If you have a new sub who can ONLY use Amazon, have him get you gift cards instead…then immediately apply them to your account before he tries to cancel them. The bottom line is a sub needs to earn your trust before you allow tribute methods that aren’t secure. Below are some other ways you can tell if a sub is trying to scam you or waste your time:

In addition to these eight suggestions, please review other areas of this website which I hope you’ll find helpful.

I also offer this flowchart as a way to think about whether or not you’re willing to put in the effort to make it in this scene:


I also tweeted this advice to Masters quite some time ago, but I think much of it is still relevant today.


Here’s another tweet I did awhile back that might be useful to you as a new Dom. These comments come from the Findom Survey. The comments are from subs who have paid at least $5,000 in the scene. These are just some representative comments that hopefully will give you some other ideas for how you’re develop your style as a new Dom:


In closing, I’ll end where I started. Many of you will not last long in this scene. You’ll get frustrated and realize it takes a bit of work to be successful in Findom. For the rest of you, congratulations on making some serious cash! And remember…18 AND OVER ONLY AND PAY YOUR TAXES! 🙂