Advice for New Subs

Welcome to Findom! If you are a sub, you play a very special role in this scene. You have the honor of serving those who are superior to you. If you’re like many of us, you realized long ago that your purpose was to serve dominant Alphas. Maybe it started by doing the homework of Doms in high school and/or college. Maybe you were that kid who got bullied on the playground. However you got started, now you have a chance to relive your fantasies serving Alphas.

As you read through this site, it’s important to remember that Findom is short for financial domination. If this doesn’t interest you, please consider all the other numerous outlets for your desires. Check out sites like Chaturbate and Niteflirt if you’re just looking to see  hot Doms on cam. THIS scene is about financial domination, and Doms will be expecting you to tribute them.

If you’re reading this for the first time, it’s important to decide what type of sub you aspire to be. To help, I’ve created this FinSUB Pyramid which gives you a sense of the different levels. Take a look and consider what’s a good goal for you:

For some subs, the most they’ll ever be is “somewhat useful” while others will rise to the level of “100% Finsub.” Of course anything is much better than being a “time-wasting” annoying sub. I can tell you from a lot of experience, Doms in this scene are extremely annoyed by time-wasters and fake subs more than anything else. If you think this is the route you’ll take, please exit the scene immediately and get your kicks somewhere else.

Deciding how and who you will serve can be challenging. There are so many Doms out there who will be “insisting” that you serve them. Here is a “public service announcement” tweet I did last year I that hope some of you will find helpful as you navigate this scene:

Advice from Doms:

I have spoken to many Doms over the years, and many of them have great advice for new subs. One Master had this to say for new subs:

“Choose your Dom wisely. Send a tribute first out of admiration. Discuss expectations, fetishes, limits, as soon as possible…let go of shame/guilt/remorse. Accept yourself, and don’t objectify your Dom by seeing it as his duty to get you off. Always be respectful, know your place, and know your privilege. Always put your Dom on a pedestal way above you and serve serve selflessly. Do this things and you’ll have a long healthy relationship with your Dom.”
– CashMaster Damien (@AsmodianPrince)

Another Dom, @JohnnyP11513798 on Twitter, created a wonderful graphic that provides guidance for subs wondering if and how they should approach a Master. I think you’ll find it very useful:

Here’s more advice to subs from Doms who have been very successful in this scene:

Closing thoughts:

  • Findom isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have the financial resources or time to be useful to a Dom, get out now before the addiction sets in.
  • Get to know a few other subs and see how they make sense of this scene. It’s important to know you’re not the only one with this fetish.
  • BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR FAKE DOMS! If you’re not insisting on verification pics or vids, you’re contributing to the epidemic of fakes in this scene. (Verification for Doms)
  • If you ever get to the point where your participation in this scene is having a significant impact on your life, causing you to lose relationships with family and friends, and is causing other forms of duress, then take a break or stop indefinitely.  Here are some tips on how to recognize if you’ve reached this point.
  • If you’re under 18, stop engaging in this scene immediately!
  • Enjoy!