AlphaCa$$h (@alphacassh on Twitter)

I met AlphaCa$$h online only a few months ago, but it didn’t take long to realize he’s one of those Doms who takes time to build relationships with his subs. What I loved most about our first real time meeting is that the relationship-building from our online chats continued during our real life meeting. To him, it wasn’t JUST about a session and draining and draining cash…it was about connection and just spending time hanging out a bit. I know that’s not important for all subs, but I’ve learned it’s a very important element for me.

Alpaca$$h and I met first for a late lunch. (You know how I always suggest first real time sessions take place in a public space.) After months of chatting via DM, it was great to get to talk to him in person…finally. Here’s what I can tell you about this Dom. He’s personable, has a great sense of humor, loves to laugh, and really takes the time to get to know his subs…I mean really know them. But here’s what else I can tell you…he gets what he wants. I found that out moments later.

After lunch we headed to my rental car where AlphaCa$$h demanded all the cash in my wallet…ALL the cash! WIthin moments, I was literally $200 poorer! It’s crazy sometimes how quickly cash can disappear, but I realized in that moment there was no saying NO to his demands! I probably should’ve known that he would be back for more of my cash later, but in that moment I was naïvely thinking he had taken all that he would that day.

Later that afternoon, Alpaca$$h headed to my hotel. I was a bit nervous meeting him there, because I knew I would get so weak at his feet. All of my fears (or pleasures) were realized. The first thing he did was demand I hand over the glass of wine I was enjoying. Before I knew it, there was a big gob of his spit mixed in with my Chardonnay. “Chug it…NOW!” he demanded. As I learned earlier, there’s no sense trying to resist when AlphaCa$$h wants something to happen. So I drank the rest of that glass…spit and all. I felt myself getting weaker and weaker knowing I just downed some of AlphaCa$$h’s incredible saliva!

Before I knew it, I was told to get on my back. AlphaCa$$h was clearly ready to get deeper into my head. The next thing I knew I could feel his socked feet all over my face. I inhaled a scent I would literally be dreaming about later that night. It was amazing! He rubbed those socks all over my face, and I could feel my head getting cloudy. TBH, I don’t even remember the moment he demanded more cash via Venmo…my brain was lost in the fog. But apparently I obeyed, because the next thing I knew, my face was being smothered by his bare foot! It was like a dream come true…literally licking the foot sweat from AlphaCa$$h’s beautiful Alpha feet! Who could want anything more?

Two things brought me out of my foot-induced brain fog. First, I could feel his foot starting to push down on my neck…he was literally cutting off my air supply with one of his powerful feet while the other was covering my face and getting shoved down my throat. “You like that don’t you boy?” he said with a devious smile on his perfect face. I could barely get the words “yes Sir” out as he pressed down harder on my neck. I was completely at his mercy!

The second thing that jolted me out of my fog was the gob of spit he dropped into my slightly open mouth. His precise aim totally caught me by surprise..I knew my only option was to swallow. He told me to open my mouth wider and there I was looking up directly into his eyes as the next loogy went straight down my throat! Something in that moment make me weak as fuck, and before I knew it, more cash was being drained via my Venmo account! AlphaCa$$h had me right where he wanted, and there wasn’t shit I could do about it.

I’m not totally sure how much cash was drained that day…I’ll have to go back and add it up. But I can tell you this: AlphaCa$$h deserved it all! He’s definitely one of the most personable yet dominant Doms I’ve met in a long time. He has a way of forcing you to love him and then taking full advantage of your affection! I look forward to the next opportunity to bow down down at the perfect feet of AlphaCa$$h!