Buying and Selling Content

On other pages of this website, I have described the various types of Findom relationships. One of those is “transactional” which I defined this way: This is basically a “fee for service” relationship. The buyer is looking to pay a fee for services or goods. Often this means the buyer will describe what he wants (pictures, videos, dirty socks, being humiliated, etc.), and the Dom/seller will provide the service for a fee.

On this page I’ll attempt to offer descriptions and examples of how Doms engage in the selling of content, mainly videos. I’ll also make some suggestions for both Doms and subs. As with all of Findom, the goal is for everyone to have fun and get what they need out of the transaction.

I asked several Doms about their “content selling” processes. These steps represent the essence of what they said:

Master Anthony Smith
  1. The Dom makes it clear he creates/sells content or does video calls. He’ll either make this obvious on his profile or in posts. The wise Dom makes it clear in his profile or posts any limitations he has (e.g., no nudity, raceplay, etc.).
  2. The sub sends the Dom a request for a video. If the sub is smart, he is very specific in his request but not so detailed that it becomes cumbersome for the Dom. For example, a sub may say the following: Sir, please send a video that is at least 5 minutes long. In the video, please humiliate me and remind me what a pathetic piece of shit I am. Some subs may even request that the Dom wear a certain type of clothing (e.g., leather, sports attire, etc.). The key here is for the sub and Dom to agree on all of the details of the content so there are no surprises later.
  3. The Dom confirms the cost and payment expectations. Many Doms have a set pricing model that is based on length of video, type of content, and the relationship with the sub (meaning subs who tribute the Dom consistently may pay a reduced rate). Some Doms charge by the minute while others have one rate for vids that are up to 5 minutes and another rate for those up to 10 minutes, and so on. Doms may add surcharges for anything they choose. For example, if the sub begs for the Dom to do the video outside, he may decide to charge a bit more. During this step, the Dom also confirms when the payment is due and what forms of payment are allowed. Doms may require all of the money up front or a deposit with the balance due after the video is delivered. It’s very important that everyone understand the pricing and payment expectations!
  4. The Dom confirms when the video will be delivered. This is often the point where problems arise. Doms, it’s VERY important you promise only what you can deliver. Subs often want videos immediately, and some Doms have been known to take the money and then hesitate to deliver for a variety of reasons (most often lack of ability to record the video until a later time). Before any exchange of cash happens, it is important to be very clear on these details!
  5. The Dom confirms HOW the video will be delivered. Videos can be shared in a variety of ways. A Dom may simply send it to the sub as a DM on Twitter. Other ways include sending it via Skype or as a text, uploading it to a cloud platform like GoogleDrive or Dropbox for the sub to download, or as an attachment to an email.
  6. Dom creates and delivers content, and the sub finalizes payment. If all goes smoothly, the sub is pleased with the content and the Dom is satisfied he has been compensated properly. If the sub is particularly satisfied, this is the opportunity for him to send an additional tip to to the Dom.
Master Anthony Smith

When I asked the Doms I interviewed what else they would suggest, they had a lot of thoughts for both Doms and subs. For example, Master Anthony Smith (@MasterAntSmith on Twitter) mentioned, “If you are approaching me for the first time to buy content, don’t just send a ‘hey master’ or ‘how are you doing sir’ message…I don’t respond to many of those messages because of all the time wasters in the scene. Instead you need to say something like, ‘Hey Sir, I’m ready to purchase a video. Can we discuss terms?'”

Master Anthony also wants to remind subs NOT to write an entire novel trying to describe the content you want. “Some subs’ requests are so extensive that it’s impossible for any Dom to remember even 1/10 of what they want in the video. It puts the Dom in a position where they have to look at a cheat sheet just to try and remember everything a sub is requesting. In the end, the video doesn’t seem natural at all!”

Screenshots from video Master Anthony created for sub

I appreciated that Master Antony shared a video he created for a sub who had some very specific request. I was impressed to see the attention to detail from Master Anthony. You could tell he took the sub’s request seriously and worked hard to deliver a quality product. But again he stressed, “This isn’t possible when the request itself is so long that nobody could possibly remember it!”

Prince Maximus

As Doms become more well known in the scene, their time becomes more valuable. Prince Maximus (@princemaxrules) discussed that his prices were much lower when he first started in the scene. “When I had more free time back at the beginning, I was doing five minute videos for $35 (USD). Now that I less time and more requests, I charge $50 minimum for a five minute video. Prices go up if nudity is involved, with that same five minute video starting at $70.

Aussie Alpha Josh

When I asked the Doms how much of their online income comes from selling content, it ranged from 5 to 50%. Since some of these Doms are making tens of thousands of dollars, that means their online content business can be quite lucrative. Aussie Alpha Josh (@KingJoshSupreme) explained it this way: “At one point I would have said that up to 30% of my income was coming from selling content. But some of these subs can be exhausting with their requests, so it’s definitely a lower percentage now. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for content requests.” The bottom line is selling content is definitely worthwhile for many Doms in this scene.

Finally, here’s a graphic from a Twitter post I did trying to remind Doms and subs of a few things to consider when it comes to buying and selling content.