Debt Contracts

A lot of Doms and subs are establishing debt contracts. Basically they are high interest loans where Doms set the rules and subs are required to follow them. Often, these contracts begin with a retweet game or some other activity where the result is a sub owing a Dom a fairly large sum of money that can’t be paid at once. When setting up a debt contract, consider following these or similar steps:

  1. Determine the amount owed
  2. Determine the interest rate (if applicable) and payment schedule
  3. Make very clear what penalties will result from non- or late payments
  4. Finally, make clear if there will be any rewards for early full payment of debt

Here’s a typical debt contract scenario: A sub plays a retweet game with a Dom and once it’s over, he owes $1000 which he can’t afford to pay at once. The Dom sets up the following conditions for the debt contract:

  • Amount owed: $1000
  • Interest rate: 25%
  • Minimum monthly payment: $95.04
  • Total amount paid after 12 months: $1140.53
  • Penalty for non or late payment: $50
  • Reward if paid in full before month 6: A pair of the Dom’s socks and underwear

To help determine debt contract conditions, use a typical loan calculator:

I created the following sample debt contract template I hope you’ll find useful:

If a sub approaches you about doing a debt contract, keep a few things things in mind. 1. Beware of subs that want to talk for hours about debt, but aren’t quick to pay. 2. Subs often talk debt when they are horny, and they often want to avoid discussing it when they are not. 3. For many subs, debt is a fantasy. 4. Decide how you will respond when subs break their contracts…don’t do anything stupid when that moment arrives. 5. Debt contracts are simply part of the Findom fun…they are not legally binding agreements. 6. Limit your debt contracts to trusted subs…this is not the time to try and break in a newbie.

Good luck and have fun with your debt!


Sample Debt Contract using my template….used by Master Farwell (@farwellfeet on Twitter)