Derrick Cage – Tacoma, WA

Twitter ID: @Derrick_Cage – ” I’m into getting cash…period. Your account needs to drain its funds into mine! Hit me up and let’s talk about how you will serve!”

Sometimes when you are in the presence of an Alpha, you recognize it right away. That was the case when I first met Derrick Cage. I’ve known and have been working for him for three years, but we had never met…until this night. It was definitely a night I won’t soon forget.

It was December 12, 2019. Derrick met me at my hotel…our first conversation took place as he smoked a cigarette outside his car. Like a pure Alpha, he blew his smoke in my face and spit on the ground…I knew I would completely helpless for the rest of the night.

Of course, he chose an expensive Brazilian steakhouse for dinner…I watched as he ordered himself as many drinks as he wanted. He knew he wouldn’t be paying a dime for dinner…his bitch would be taking care of all that. He told me stories of the many subs he’s owned over the years. “I had this one bitch who gave me fucking $1,000 the first day we talked!” I can’t tell you how hot it was to hear a Dom describe how they used my fellow subs…getting everything they wanted out of them! What impressed me the most, however, was the fact that so many of his subs have served him for years and years…they are completely devoted! Then it hit me, I’m totally one of those subs.

The bill arrived…$200 by time I added the tip. I handed over my credit card while he finished his last drink. I joked about splitting the check…he laughed and basically said, “Pay the bill bitch!”

Before hopping into the car to head back to the hotel, Derrick smoked another cigarette which meant I was inhaling all of his Alpha smoke. As I watched him smoke, I couldn’t get over how Alpha he was with his every move!

On the way back to the hotel I picked up a few drinks. Once in the room, he didn’t waste any time making me his bitch. During dinner he had told me about his love of martial arts. He explained that he could put me in a choke hold that would literally cause me to pass out. Within minutes of being back in the room, I found myself in one of those holds. Imagine having Derrick Cage’s Alpha legs around your neck…you’re looking forward and seeing his perfect feet…knowing your head is resting in his crotch. Imagine he’s squeezing your neck so hard that you get light-headed…dizzy! That was my situation! I quickly tapped his leg (as I was instructed to do) and he released the pressure. Over the course of the next 15 minutes he showed me several other chokeholds…I was completely at his mercy! During that time, I came close to passing out at least twice. At one point, Derrick even flipped me over his shoulder onto the bed. I couldn’t get over how strong he was! Total Alpha!

I was allowed to worship his feet for another 15 to 20 minutes. I was totally in heaven! I loved everything about his feet…his toes…the scent (can’t describe it other than to say it’s totally Alpha) and the way he kept forcing them both down my throat. Again, I was completely at his mercy!

Throughout the night, Derrick would call me over only to spit in my face…it was completely random! The first time I was kinda in shock…imagine walking towards someone and out of nowhere they literally spray your face with their spit! Other times he’d have me crawl over and get on my back only to drop a huge loogie right onto my tongue…I always knew to immediately swallow it all or face his wrath! I drank a lot of spit that night!

As Derrick was getting ready to leave, he noticed my Fossil watch. He asked me how long I had owned it and about how much it cost. I explained that I’d had it for a few years, and it was a gift. He told me to take it off and hand it over to him. I never could have anticipated what happened next. “I’m taking it,” he said. I stood there for a few moments dumbfounded at what was happening. Yes, I was rock hard, but I was also in totally shock! Surely, he wasn’t serious I thought. I tried to protest…even dropped to my knees and kissed his Jordans begging him not to take it. My weakness only strengthened his resolve. “Nah, I’m taking it.” Then, almost as an act of kindness, he gave me a choice. “I’m either taking your watch or your camera (which was a nice Canon model I had owned for a few years). That was the moment it sunk in for me…I was about to say goodbye to my watch. It was Derrick Cage’s watch now. I literally had no choice.

I walked him to his car to say goodbye. After spitting in my face one last time and blowing his Alpha smoke my way, he reached out to shake my hand. He paused and told me to take one last look at the watch…the one I used to own, he teased. This watch was Derrick’s now. I said goodbye to both my former watch and Derrick and watched him drive away. I stood there in the parking lot alone…my face covered with his Alpha spit and smelling of his feet…my clothes smelling like his smoke…and my arm barren where a watch used to be. And the only thought in my head:  I can’t wait ‘til I get to serve Derrick Cage again!