Derrick Cage

Location: Seattle, Washington USA – Twitter ID: @DerrickCage2017 – Skype ID: derrick_cage – OnlyFans:


In this scene, so many Doms come and go. I’ve known Derrick Cage for over 5 years, and he’s been the perfect mix of pure dominance and personable Alpha. When you talk to Derrick Cage, you never forget your place…NEVER. But you can actually have a conversation…something not all Doms in this scene are capable of doing (unless it’s about the cash they feel they deserve).

After years of serving Derrick Cage in various ways, I finally got the opportunity to meet him in Seattle. It was definitely one of my most amazing real time experiences. You can find my write up about it HERE. As you’ll see in the write up, serving a Dom like Derrick Cage in real time is SO much better than anything that can be done virtually. Remember, not all Doms will meet in person. Many only pretend that they will…describing a fantasy of serving their feet, etc. Derrick Cage absolutely will meet as evidenced by his numerous real time pics and vids.

When it comes to his physical attributes, Derrick Cages checks all of my boxes. He’s very handsome…always has been! He stays in shape, and his feet (admittedly a weakness for me) are amazing! Everytime I look at them, especially his toes, I think about how lucky I was to get to taste them myself! In case you’re wondering, they are delicious!