Q. Do I have to be a certain sexual orientation or body type to be a Dom?

A. No. There are Doms who are straight, gay, bi, muscled, thin, old, young, etc. What matters most is that you have a style or demeanor that gets into the heads of subs and causes them to want to tribute you.

Q. Do I always have to yell at subs and humiliate them? What if that’s not my style?

A. While some subs love humiliation, many others despise it. Again, it’s about finding a style that works for you and using it to get into the heads of the subs you attract.

Q. I’ve read TheFindom.Club website, but I don’t even know where to start. What should I do first?

A. First, I suggest taking a look at several other Doms’ pages and get a sense of their styles. This will help you determine an approach that works for you. Second, you need to post a verification video. Check out this page for more information on that. Finally, get a few tweets ups so subs will see you’re for real.

Q. I’m nervous about showing my face. Can I still get subs and earn cash if I don’t show my face?

A. Yes, it’s possible. There are very successful Doms who have never tweeted a pic or video showing their face. While they are definitely at a disadvantage, the successful ones have figured out other ways to get into their subs’ heads. It’s still important for them to do a partial verification video as described on this page.

Q. How do I build my followers?

A. The main way is to have good content. But check out this page for other tips.

Q. I see all these Doms showing off all this cash! Do they really earn that much from Findom?

A. Yes, there are Doms who earn thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, pounds, euros, etc., each month. However, there are also Doms who struggle to earn a few hundred, and they will show off their rent money and pretend it’s cash they’ve earned from Findom. The important thing to realize is for Doms who have figured out this scene and how to get into their subs’ heads, they are earning a shitload of cash!

Q. Should I message subs or wait for them to message me?

A. I recently did a poll on this very question, and the results came back 50/50. Some Doms will say they will NEVER message a sub first while others have had great success reaching out to their followers and initiating a conversation. As a new Dom, you’ll have to decide what works best for you.