DOMINUS – House Cleaning

I had been serving Master Dominus online for over a year, but one weekend during March of 2013 was my first chance to serve him in person. The quickest thing I can say about it:  IT WAS AMAZING! My job for the night was to clean HIS house while he and his buddies watched NCAA basketball. He had warned me that the house needed a major overhaul, especially the basement which had been used by his college friends for multiple parties during the last few months. I could never have imagined how hard I worked that night!

I arrived at the house and was greeted by one of his buddies. Master Dominus had sent me a text and told me that HE wasn’t at the house, and his friend would let me in so I could see what kind of cleaning supplies I would need. After a quick walk around the house, I immediately knew I would be working VERY hard that night! I immediately left the house and went to Meijers to pick up cleaning supplies. Halfway into my shopping, I got a text from Dominus that simply said:  GET BEER…TWO 24 PACKS. I knew all his buddies were coming over, so I got three instead. Then another text: GET SPICY DORITOS. Before I left Meijer, he sent several more text messages demanding more. Like a good fag, I kept running back into the store to get whatever he wanted…I knew better than to say no to Dominus!

When I got back to the house, I opened the front door and starting bringing in all the items I purchased. “Close the door faggot!” was my greeting! I got everything in the house and immediately started working on the kitchen. Being the gods they are, Dominus and his roommates never felt they should have to worry about cleaning…especially when a faggot is coming to do the job. So I scraped food out of pans, washed pretty much every dish they had, cleaned the appliances inside and out, and got everything I could organized for them. Of course, Dominus and his friends didn’t just let me work. Pretty much every 5 minutes, one would yell something like, “Hey faggot, bring me a fucking beer!”  “Fag, run to my truck and fetch my cigarettes…and you better not forget my fucking lighter.” They were relentless!

Dominus decided to order food from a local taco place. After asking his buds what they wanted, I was ordered to go pick it up. He told me to take his car and get it washed while I was out getting the food. (It was such an HONOR to drive the car of Master Dominus…but I was very nervous!) I felt bad the car wash was closed, so I filled up his gas tank instead. Luckily, he was pleased with that choice. I paid for the food and returned to the house. Once everyone was done eating, they whistled and I came running to clean it all away. They were kind enough to leave a few scraps for me to eat as I continued to work away. Of course, my food was cold and tattered, but I was thankful to have a little something to eat.

Once I finished cleaning the kitchen and the attached bathroom (never imagined I would be cleaning the toilet Dominus and his friends used), I was ordered to begin work on the basement. I was absolutely not prepared for what I saw down there! Hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of beer cans and bottles along with empty bottles of hard liquor. You could tell this room has seen some crazy parties over the last few months. I had absolutely no idea where to begin. Dominus was very clear:  “This room better be spotless when you’re done.” With that in mind, I began my task. I worked from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. After getting everything picked up and organized, I washed, mopped, and scrubbed until I could barely move my arms.

After I finished working and got back to the bed in my nearby hotel room, I simply collapsed. My back, legs, and arms literally ached after all I had done. I had never cleaned so much in my life. When I talked to Dominus the next day, he informed me that he was pleased by my work.

Thinking that my task might be done when I finished the basement, I heard Dominus yell from upstairs, “You don’t leave until you clean the upstairs bathroom faggot!” His words were piercing, but I knew I didn’t have a choice. So once I finished up the basement, I went upstairs and worked another 30 minutes in the bathroom.

As I said before, I had served Dominus for over a year virtually. Although he was always dominant online, it didn’t compare to how he was in person. When he would utter phrases like, “Get that shit clean faggot…and get on your knees where you belong and scrub like a good bitch,” there was nothing I could do but obey. I was completely under his control!

I never got the chance to meet Master Dominus again, but I have always found ways to serve him over the years. He’s one of those Doms who finds a way into your mind and never lets go!