Doms I FULLY endorse!

There are so many Doms out there! How’s a sub supposed to find one that works for him. Here I’ll start to publish a list of Doms I feel I can fully endorse based on the following criteria:

  1. They are fully verified either on their page, or they have done it privately with me.
  2. My interactions with them lead me to believe they are a solid Dom with a solid track record. (I won’t be endorsing any brand new Doms.)
  3. Several of their subs have also given their strong endorsements.
  4. They do not consistently violate Twitter’s Hateful Conduct Policy.

I fully recognize there will be those who disagree with my endorsements or feel a Dom I highlight has done them wrong in some way. It’s not my intention to say every Dom I list here is perfect or hadn’t had a disagreement with with subs or other Doms. I’m simply saying these are Doms I’ve come to respect based on the criteria listed above.

  1. Derrick Cage