Subs ask me all the time, “Do you know any Doms in ________?” Or they’ll say, “I’m looking for a Dom who will ________ to me.” I do my best to point them in the right direction, but now subs can start the search themselves. So far over 300 Doms have completed the Findom Database Survey, and many of their answers have been exported to this database. Right now it’s simply a GoogleSheet that you can view, arrange as you’d like, and try to find a Dom who meets your needs. Eventually it will become a searchable database that will allow you to enter your search criteria and see which Doms are a good match. As you explore the database, please message me with any feedback you might have that will inform its next iteration.


One of the Doms who completed the survey is Master Harry. By reviewing the database base, I’ve learned that he is a white straight UK-based Dom with the Twitter ID of @findomharry. He spends a few hours a day on his Findom Twitter, and he likes to get to know his subs a bit as he’s draining them. If you approach him he prefers that you say hello but follow it up soon with a tribute. Although he likes testing the limits of his subs, on average he expects £200 to £500 a month from his regulars (with whom he’s checks in with at least once a day). One of the most outrageous things he’s ever done to a sub was drain one of about £3000 in a short period while making him write an insane amount lines. One of the outrageous things he imagines doing is permanent chastity with the sub’s salary going directly into his account. Finally, Master Harry offers this advice to any subs wanting to serve: Be loyal. Be honest. And be prepared to show you’re genuine.

If you’re a Dom and you want your details added to the next export of the database, please complete the survey here: