@jayisgod4: slave to Master Jay

My journey with Findom started in the summer of 2020. Like everyone new to the kink scene, I found friends with corresponding fetishes online and spent hours role-playing and discussing what we have and haven’t done and what we were itching to do. Of course, for me, my first fetish was a suit and tie fetish (shout-out to Menatplay for being the first porn I ever watched). One night, I was talking to someone who was involved in the suit and tie scene online. He started telling me all about his master who had a photo of his ID and was going to leak it if he didn’t send him money. Somehow, he convinced me to reach out to this person AND play a retweet game when I had never even heard of Findom. I played the game and didn’t pay the money…I was scared. I gave up on Findom and turned back to the rest of the kink world.

Fast forward to February of 2021, I was scrolling through Twitter on my lunch break and found another Findom. I didn’t find him particularly attractive, but he was alluring so I messaged him. He told me to send $25, and I did because I wanted to be of value to him. Then I played a retweet game that I once again proceeded to not pay. Then I saw a popular rubber master that I subscribed to on OnlyFans say something about cash pigs. This was when I finally offered my obedience to a Findom. I served him every Wednesday, guessing how much money he wanted me to send. The last two weeks that I served him I had come across Findoms on Twitter again. I scrolled and scrolled drooling at how alluring all the straight alpha men were. Then I saw Him. I stopped at a video of a Dom I had never seen before, @Smokinonjay. I will never forget his words:

“I want you to ask yourself, ‘Have I served Jay well enough?’ The answer is always fucking no.”

It was March 17, 2021, I saw that you need to send a $25 deposit to get a reply. I made my deposit and He responded. I was over the moon.

After one week of serving both men, I DM’d the rubber master and told him I couldn’t serve anymore for money reasons. I then told Master Jay that I was leaving another guy to serve Him. That same week, He told me I would be buying Him coffee every morning. It was also at this time that I asked Him if I could ever see Him in a suit. He said He had been thinking about creating content in a suit for a while and that I would have to prove myself before I could see Him. I couldn’t pass this opportunity up, so I continued to serve, thinking I would see Him in a suit and then just quit. After a couple more weeks, I finally got to purchase a video of Him in a suit and good God was He breathtaking. I almost came in the first five seconds when He said “What’s up, loser?” Halfway through the extremely degrading video, He told me I was going to buy Him a suit. I felt like my heart had stopped. The way He had said it, I knew I was going to do this for Him.

After a few more weeks of coffee and taxes, He had picked out a suit over the price range I told Him I could afford. I placed the order for Him and waited weeks for it to arrive at His apartment. When He finally received it, He told me I was His. Whatever He wants, He will request and I will send. That was the day I officially became one of His personal slaves.

Here I am just over a year later, still serving. He now has copies of my driver’s license, pay stubs, rent, and a list of all my necessary expenses. The past year, my life has changed so much, with special thanks to Master Jay. I worked my ass off and got a promotion at work (a two month hassle with HR that He helped me through). I worked my ass off in graduate school and finished with all A’s, and I learned how to seriously budget and set boundaries so I can serve Him and survive.

Recently, I had to take a small break to mourn the passing of a loved one. I was initially hesitant to go on a break, but Master Jay insisted I take a step back to focus on myself and family, reassuring me that He and His workout photos will still be there when I am ready. I’ve tributed thousands of dollars to Master Jay but there is no amount of money I could give Him to ever amount to how subservient, pathetic, yet fulfilled and comfortable serving Him makes me feel. Master Jay has taught me my place in His life and in society, but at the same time I feel cared for by Him, whether he actually gives a fuck about His subs or not. 

Everyday I am thankful that I started so small with Master Jay. If not, I would have never discovered the life as His slave that I so badly needed.