Major Scene Fetishes

The word “fetish” has the following definitions:

: a strong and unusual need or desire for something

He has a fetish for paying superiors.

2 : a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement: a shoe/foot/leather fetish

Although this page is focused on #findom as a fetish, there are many other fetishes that can be exploited by Doms. There are literally dozens of other fetishes that come into play. Some of the obvious ones include feet and muscles, and other are a bit more obscure like blackmail and sissification. As I’ve stated on previous pages, a wise Dom will take the time to get to know his subs’ triggers and use them against him relentlessly.

I posted a message awhile back asking subs and Doms to list all of the various fetishes they’ve explored. Here’s what they listed: muscles, feet, hands, armpits, macrophilia, piss, spit, blackmail, remote access/control (e.g., Teamviewer), leather/gloves, spankings, hypnosis/mind control/mind fucking, Humiliation/degradation, physical abuse/beatings, race play, worn socks/underwear, shoes/footwear, sissification, chastity, ruin, boots, trampling/crushing, relapse, poppers/booze/forced intox…there are literally endless others.

As with all aspects of the Dom/sub relationship, communication is key. Exploring kinks requires a lot of trial and error. Of course moods matter…something may seem HOT one day and not do a thing for either party the next. Subs, be upfront with your Dom about your fetishes. Don’t assume he’ll judge you negatively. Who knows? He might be into the same things, but you’ll never know if you don’t share. Doms, let your sub know which kinks you’re comfortable exploring and which you are not. Set boundaries with your subs about how far each of you will go. And for some of the more intense kinks, especially when you’re in-person, set ground rules, safe words, etc.

The graphic below is from a post that made the rounds on Twitter. Check it out…you might discover even more kinks to explore. Enjoy and stay safe!

If you’re looking for even more, here’s a fun read: