Master Mark – Texas Visit

Master Mark – Twitter ID: @duude2324

Other than my local Dom, I’ve been at the feet of one Alpha more than any other: Master Mark. I first met him almost 9 years ago, and I’ve been in love with his feet ever since. So, it was a real honor to have the chance to host him again at my house for a weekend.

Immediately after returning from picking him up at the airport, I was on my knees at his feet…that’s how it always is with Master Mark! Soon after, I ordered pizza and made us both some margaritas. The first Dom to ever spit in my drink and on my food was Master Mark, so it was no surprise he immediately covered my pizza and margarita with his Alpha saliva! I was literally using a pool of his spit as a dipping sauce for every slice, and his phlegm was like a foam in my drink. When I’m around Master Mark, there’s nothing that I’ll ever eat or drink that isn’t covered in his spit!

Overall, the first night with Master Mark was magical! I’ve served the feet of many Doms, but there is something about his that make me so weak! First, Master Mark’s feet have the most amazing aroma I’ve ever experienced with a Dom. As he was playing PlayStation with his feet kicked up, he told he hadn’t washed his socks for days. I got so hard just thinking about how amazing they were gonna smell!

After teasing me for what felt like an eternity, I was finally permitted to take off his shoes! OMG! Master Master’s socks were literally soaking wet from his Alpha sweat! I pushed my face into them and could feel the moisture…my face immediately became wet from his foot juice! As mesmerized as I was from his sweat, it was the aroma that put me in a trance. Not washing his socks for days gave them a smell that I can only describe as ammonia-like…so strong I found myself getting lightheaded.

I’ve served so many Doms who literally just sit there without moving as you worship their feet. That can be fun for a moment, but it becomes boring after a while. Master Mark is quite the opposite. Because he LOVES dominating subs with his perfect feet, you never know what’s coming next! Throughout that first night he shoved his feet down my throat, forced me to suck each one of his toes, stomped and kicked me at will, stuffed his socks in my mouth, and all the while forced me to drink his Alpha spit! Because he’s naturally sadistic and merciless, Master Mark didn’t hold back at all throughout the entire night. I was literally at his mercy!

Another thing I love about Master Mark is that he pays attention to his sub’s triggers. He learned recently that I was also into his hands, so throughout the night he gave me many opportunities to worship them! In addition to getting to see them up close as his fingers maneuvered the PlayStation controller, he forced me to kiss and massage them, suck on each finger, place my face in his palms, and of course suffer through the random slaps and jabs! Yes, Master Mark has some of the most amazing feet in the scene, but if you’re into hands, you’re gonna love his! How lucky I was to get to worship them all night!

When it was time for bed, Master Mark settled in my guest room, and I jumped into my bed…totally satisfied about the day we had! The next think I knew, he sent me a text: “Get in here bitch and massage my feet!” Of course, I jumped at the chance. My job was to massage and caress his feet until he fell asleep! What foot sub wouldn’t LOVE to have such an amazing opportunity?!?! It made for an even greater ending to our first night!

The next day was a shit ton of fun! I got to worship his feet and hands while Master Mark played video games. Later we caught a movie and grabbed some food. Immediately after getting back to my place, I was ordered to make Master a drink and get back to work on his feet! I was at his feet for hours that second night…I licked and sucked very toe…deeply inhaled the stench out of his socks (the same ones he’d been wearing for 5 days at this point)…opened my mouth wide as he shoved in his whole foot…I was his perfect foot bitch for the rest of the night!

Several times throughout that second night, I was forced on my back. Master Mark sat on my stomach and literally started pressing down on me with all the weight of his body. At one point he leaned over and used his perfect hands to grab my face and ordered me the open my mouth…the next thing I knew, a giant glob of his ambrosia-like spit was leaving his mouth and falling into directly mine. Look at Master Mark’s pics and just imagine how amazing it is for a sub to stare directly into his eyes while his spit falls directly into your mouth…such an erotic moment I won’t soon forget!

Like the first night, at bedtime I was ordered into the room to lotion up and massage Master Mark’s perfect feet! It was sad to think that the trip was nearing its end. I sat on the floor at the end of the bed and massaged his feet until I could tell he was going to sleep. Another great day with an amazing Master!

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Some Doms do real times because they need the cash, and others do them because they absolutely enjoy the fun! Master Mark is definitely the latter! He has an absolute ball during real time sessions. He confessed that he’s somewhat of a sadist and loves seeing subs suffer a bit at his feet. I can tell you without question, he can dominate without mercy when he gets in the mood…and that mood happens often!

After making and serving him his second breakfast at my house, I dropped Master Mark off at the airport and wished him a safe journey home. As I reflected on the weekend, I realized I wasn’t sure if I was more in love with his feet, hands, or his amazing Alpha spit! Regardless, I KNOW I will always be in love with his dominance! See you again soon Master Mark!

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