NYFootGod – 2nd Realtime

When NYCFootGod said he was coming to town to visit friends, I jumped at the chance to host him at my house. I remembered how my real time in NYC with him last year was one of the most amazing realtime experiences I ever had, so I was thrilled at the chance of repeating it in my own home. Let me just say right now…it was beyond amazing! I literally can’t get NYFootGod out of my head, and he’s been gone now for a few days.

Just to get to the good stuff, I’ll go ahead and skip the parts where he forced me to be on my knees when he entered my house, made me kiss his shoes no matter where we were, spit in my wine during dinner, etc. As hot as all of that was, the real fun started once we got back to my house! I don’t think I left my knees for hours as I worshiped NYCFootGod’s perfect size 12 feet. And I can’t emphasis this enough…I have worshiped a lot of feet in my many years. NYCFootGod’s are definitely in my top 5 favorite! They truly have everything I crave in a pair of feet…the look…the scent…EVERYTHING!

As he did in NYC, he first had me smell the scent from his socks. He reminded me he’d been wearing them for days…my first whiff confirmed that! I was instructed to remove his socks with my teeth which I somehow managed to do…the fact that his feet were sweaty helped the socks glide off nicely! Before I knew it, one of those socks was shoved into my mouth.

What NYFootGod did next was something I definitely did not expect…he filled up a cup with water and put both of his socks in it. “Time to enjoy a special drink slave,” he said as he handed the cup to me. I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but I took a sip from the straw. It literally tasted like “foot sweat” water. Throughout the rest of the night, I was forced to keep drinking this special cocktail.

What happened during the next hour or so will be a bit difficult for me to describe because NYFootGod literally put my brain into some sort of “sub space” fog. I remember being on my back licking his beautiful feet from heel to toe, between each toe…sucking each toe. I can still hear him softly conditioning me to follow his every command. Occasionally, he’d tell me to open my mouth to receive another gob of his godly spit. Before I knew it, one foot was digging into my crotch while the other was shoved into my mouth. I was so hard…so weak…all I could do was stare up into his beautiful face while he flipped me off with his perfect hands!

At one point while flipping me off, he stuck his middle finger into my mouth. “Suck on it slave! Fuck you…suck my fucking middle finger!” This was the point when NYFootGod realized his hands made me just as weak as his feet. Before I knew it, I was sucking on every one of his fingers. He noticed I loved his thumbs the most. Of course he wasted no time in using this new information against me.

I don’t even remember the first time he handed me my phone telling me to send a tribute. I was so weak…my brain was in such a fog, I gladly complied. I don’t remember how much I sent that first time, but before I knew what was happening, I was sending over and over again. He kept getting so close to my face…looking me right in the eyes…reminding me how good I was feeling…asking me, “When was the last time you felt this good?” I could barely find the words to respond…my head was in a complete cloud. “You love me don’t you?” he whispered in my ear at one point. “You crave everything about me!” I repeated everything he said because at that point…he literally forced me to crave him…to love him. As I lay there repeating every word his said to me as if completely hypnotized, he handed me my phone and ordered me to send again. I had zero resistance…I simply complied.

In the write up of of my first experience with NYFootGod, I mentioned that he was the first Dom to ever let me cum during a realtime. That moment when he gave me the permission was surreal and completely unexpected! It was even more amazing this time! He let me know that I would have to send another tribute if I wanted to cum. At this point, I was beyond being able to think rationally…I had NO idea how much I had already sent. I simply picked up my phone and quickly sent him more of what was clearly his to take!

As I was getting close to exploding, NYFootGod stood above me with one foot shoved on my face as he continued to flip me off…gobs of his Alpha spit were dripping into my mouth. It was the ultimate climax to what had been one of the most erotic real times I ever had! When I erupted, I literally didn’t have a care in the world. It was such an amazing moment I won’t soon forget!

After cleaning myself up, NYFootGod asked me something no other Dom has. “You feel good about what you sent? No regrets?” I can’t emphasize enough the significance of his question. He knew this was the moment when my head was beginning to clear. He also knew when I was under his feet that my mind was completely in sub space. I responded to his question saying, “No Sir…I have no regrets, and I am extremely thankful that you asked.”

So that was Day 1 of my weekend with NYFootGod. Stayed tuned for our second encounter which occurred a few days later! Here’s a spoiler…he completely got into my head again!