LAFootGod – LA

Real Time with LAFootGod

Twitter ID: @LAfootgod – 22 year old – LA based (formerly NYC) foot master with size 12 feet – Cashapp/Venmo: $Carsonblack1

Such beautiful feet!

I had the honor of meeting LAFootGod when he was in NYC. Going forward, I’ll refer to him as NYFOOTKING (the name he held when I met him). I found myself heading to NYC after being stood up by a Dom who had promised a real time weeks before (that’s another story for later). As I was sharing my frustrations with NYFOOTKING, he told me I needed to meet him instead. Because I had only spoken to him a only few times before, I was a bit nervous. Reluctantly, I agreed to meet him. Let me say right now…this NYC-based Dom immediately made me feel at ease, and I ended up having an AMAZING real time session. 

What impressed me first was the fact that NYFOOTKING asked me the terms of the session I had planned with the Dom who flaked on me. Without hesitation, he agreed to honor those terms. This wasn’t something I asked for…it’s just something he said he wanted to do. I was immediately impressed and extremely thankful. The second thing that impressed me was how communicative he was throughout the day leading right up to the moment he arrived. He was driving in from a road trip and kept me abreast of his location and anticipated arrival. At no point was I wondering if he was going to show or not. Also, as we were chatting throughout the day, he kept asking me what kinds of things pushed my buttons. I had no idea until later how much he was planning to tailor the session to every single trigger I had!

I met NYFOOTKING in my hotel lobby and after chatting for a bit, we headed up to my room. Once in my room he immediately grabbed my glass of wine and spit it…told me to drink it and be sure to swallow the whole gob. Of course I didn’t hesitate and did what I was ordered to do. I was then directed to get on my knees and kneel at his feet. I was ordered to kiss his shoes and before I knew it,  I was on my back with his socked feet being forced deep down my throat. The scent from his socks was AMAZING! He had told me earlier that he had been wearing those socks for three days straight…I could definitely tell! For almost 20 minutes I was ordered to deeply inhale his Alpha foot scent as he jammed his one foot in my mouth and the other on my crotch. I was rock hard and in pure bliss…and I hadn’t even seen his bare foot at this point!

I had also mentioned to him earlier that I was as much into hands as I am into feet. I had forgotten I had mentioned this to him, but out of the blue he leaned over and put his hands right in front of my face. Looking up at his handsome face and seeing his perfect hands right in front of my nose…well let’s just say I got even harder. Before I could fully take in this moment, he stuck one of his delicious fingers into my mouth. “Suck it slave!” he ordered. I immediately complied. I was ordered to suck every single finger…all 10! OMG is all I can say!

For a foot slave, there’s this special moment when the bare foot is unveiled. The anticipation for this moment was building from the moment a Dom enters the room. I had seen NYFOOTKING’s feet pics and always thought he had beautiful feet. I had NO idea how perfect they were until they were literally right above me. I was ordered to use my teeth to pull off his socks…within seconds he forced the entire sock in my mouth. Even though I couldn’t lick them because my mouth was full of Alpha sock, I got to see his beautiful size 12 feet…truly a gem in this scene. I loved every part of them from the soft soles, suckable toes, and perfect scent! He ordered me to lick between each toe, scrape any dead skin off with my teeth and swallow, and massage both his feet and legs as I worshipped. Over the course of 40 more minutes I was in pure heaven! 

As he continued to step on both my face and crotch, NYFOOTKING said something I totally didn’t expect! He said he was going to let me cum. In my experience, Doms aren’t always comfortable allowing a sub to cum, so I was extremely grateful for this moment. Because NYCFOOTKING knew I was both into his feet AND his hands, my moment of explosion involved his hands on my face and his foot at my crotch! I was in pure ecstasy! 

As I lie there on the floor completely out of breath, I was impressed that NYCFOOTKING told me to take my time getting up. He was so extremely thoughtful at this moment. I’ve experienced (and heard) of many Doms getting impatient at this point and wanting to just get up and go. I was extremely thankful that NYFOOTKING gave me a moment to both compose and clean myself.

I know there are MANY Doms in the NYC area, but I would offer my highest recommendation for NYFOOTKING! He’s handsome, thoughtful, communicative, and VERY good at domination! Enjoy!