Remote Access (TeamViewer, etc.)

Usually when a drain is happening, the sub is ultimately the one “sending” the cash. However, with remote access, Doms are free to take what they want while the sub watches it happen right in front of their eyes. First, here are the mechanics of a remote drain:

In a recent poll about remote cash drains, 42% of subs stated they had over $250 taken from them in their highest remote cash drains. According to that same poll, some subs do up to 75% of all their drains via remote access (even though on average, respondents reported slightly more than 20%). The bottom line: Lots of cash to be made by remote drains.

While most use TeamViewer as their platform of choice, there are other options including LogMeIn and RemotePC. Whichever platform is used, the end result is the same. The Dom has complete access to the sub’s computer.

Remote drains are not for the faint of heart. The amount taken can add up very quickly. While many subs describe the “thrill” of completely losing control to a Dom…letting Him take whatever He wants. While the thrill level can be very high, it’s absolutely imperative the sub and Dom have a significant amount of mutual trust before engaging in this type of cash drain session. Here are five suggestions for having a successful remote drain experience:

  1. Have a discussion about limits before starting the remote cash drain. Of course Doms will want to those limits a bit (it’s what Doms do), but it’s important to know that significantly violating a sub’s limits will likely result in the sub fleeing and never doing a remote drain again.
  2. Doms should consider getting verbal during the remote drain. Subs love when a Dom describes what HE is doing while controlling their account. Wise Doms will do their homework and find out what other kinks the sub has and integrate them into His verbal barrage.
  3. Several Doms and subs talked about how it’s exciting when the Dom mixes up the amounts He takes. Perhaps starting with $25, raising it to $50, dropping to $50, going to $100, etc. It leaves the sub having NO idea what amount will be taken next.
  4. It’s important to remember that when a Dom has remote access, He can also see other files on a sub’s computer including pictures, emails, etc. While some subs may welcome a Dom’s exploration of these types of files, other subs may not seek that type of intrusion. Again, this is another reason why trust is so important in these types of drains.
  5. When a remote drain goes well (both sub and Dom are satisfied), it’s something that can be repeated time and time again. That’s why it’s so important that Doms walk the fine line between keep a sub excited but not scaring him with a massive/unexpected drain.

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