Retweet Games

In the Findom scene, Doms have created many ways to drain cash from subs. One of these methods is the retweet game. Retweet games involve a sub committing to pay a Dom a set amount for each “like, retweet, and comment” a Dom’s tweet gets. These games can be very lucrative for a Dom.

Here’s how they typically work:

  1. Basically, a Dom and a sub agree on terms for the game. For example, for every retweet a Dom’s tweet gets, the sub could owe the Dom $5. There will be cash owed for “likes” and “comments” as well. It’s very important to agree on a limit on the number of comments since Twitter allows for unlimited comments to a tweet.
  2. A time limit is also set so both parties know when the game is complete. Many retweet games last around 15 to 20 minutes, but occasionally a Dom and sub will agree to a game lasting an hour or multiple hours.
  3. Once the game officially begins (with the initial tweet from the Dom outlining the terms), the fun begins. Other members of the scene now have a chance to get involved by liking, commenting, and retweeting. For those Doms who are quite popular, all that activity can add up to a lot of cash very quickly.
  4. Once the game comes to an end (after the set time has expired), the Dom and sub can count up how much is owed. The sub pays what’s due and of course thanks the Dom for the opportunity to pay.

Here is a great resource created by @19Kev02 (Twitter) to explain it all even more: