Sir Kraze – Mississippi

Twitter ID: @KingSirKraze – Straight #cashmaster handing over those $ gets Me hard. #findom Controller. Life coach, Fitness Trainer, and Mississippi-based Dom. 

I have known Sir Kraze since 2011…going all the way back to the Yahoo Group days. I occasionally had the honor of helping to manage his group, promote him in my various groups, and even set up and help run his Niteflirt page. His feet were always among my favorite, and I often looked for ways to bring attention to them. Here they are as contestants in one of my “Favorite Feet” polls:

Way back then, I dreamed of what it would be like to suck on that big toe…lick between the rest of them, and run my tongue from his toes down to his heel.

Last year I finally had the honor of meeting Sir Kraze. I happened to be in Portland for work, and he was living there at the time. He allowed me to buy him dinner and hand over some cash. It was such an honor to be in this Alpha’s presence that I jumped at the chance. We spent the night talking about old times, and I got to hear stories of his recent conquests. The whole time I couldn’t stop staring at his beautiful hands (I’ve got a huge hand fetish). So perfect…so ALPHA!

Fast forward a year and Sir Kraze has relocated to Mississippi for work. I happened to be going there for work, so I immediately contacted him to set up a real time. He was quick to confirm a date that worked and we agreed on the terms! Needless to say I was soooo excited.

When Sir Kraze arrived at my hotel, I met him in the lobby. He was looking so Alpha that night! He was wearing his leather jacket and his black leather Converse shoes. I literally wanted to just dropped down to my knees and start worshipping…but I didn’t want to appear as eager as I was. We chatted for a bit and caught up on old times. After he finished the Coke I bought him, he said he wanted another. So I ran down to the front desk to get one. When I returned, I was surprised and pleased to see that Sir Kraze had transformed totally into Dominant Alpha mode.

“Get your motherfucking ass on the ground and start worshipping these feet!” he yelled. I quickly set down his Coke and dropped to my knees to worship his leather Converses…running my tongue along the tops of his perfect shoes as he reminded me what I was and how useless I was. “That’s right faggot…lick those shoes! Lick my fucking Converses bitch!” he yelled. Occasionally he’d push my head down on them to make sure my tongue was making full contact. I was so hard by this point it’s a miracle!

Sir Kraze had warned me that he’d been working all day in his socks…let’s just say he didn’t have to tell me. I could smell his strong Alpha foot scent the second his feet came out of those shoes. I was forced to inhale his socks while he forced his foot onto my face. At one point he had his entire socked foot going down my throat! I was in foot sub heaven. 

When he took off his first sock I literally had an out of body experience. I had been dreaming about being at his feet since 2011…and now that moment had finally arrived. I literally didn’t know what I wanted to do first…suck his toe, lick between them, or run my tongue up his sole from heel to toe! I chose the toe…the BIG toe. I had literally jerked off to pics of Sir Kraze’s feet, and my eyes were always squarely focused on that big toe. I opened my mouth wide and took it until my mouth…I sucked it like it was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. The sweat off from toe, the bit of lint on the bottom, the hint of toe jam, and my spit became ambrosia in my mouth…I didn’t want to swallow…I wanted that moment to literally last forever!

Over the next 75 minutes Sir Kraze forced me to religiously worship his feet…every single crevice. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be in this position…to have the honor of worshipping the feet of one of the scene’s true legends! Several times he stepped on my head and forced it into the floor…I could feel the crushing weight of his size 11’s pushing my skull. 

Several times while I was on my back I was ordered to open my mouth wide and take Sir Kraze’s Alpha spit. I knew better than to miss a drop…it pissed him off when I did. I can’t emphasize how erotic it is to swallow an Alpha’s spit directly from his mouth…as fags, we know we’ll never get the chance to kiss a straight Alpha. Catching their spit the moments after it comes out of their mouth is the next best thing. I had many opportunities that night!

What I loved most about my time with Sir Kraze was how at no point did it seem rushed. He literally allowed me to worship his feet for over an hour. During that time he was VERY active…dominating me the entire time…reminding me what a pathetic faggot bitch I was. He was extremely verbal but not loud. That’s a big deal given we were in a hotel room surrounded by neighbors on all sides. 

There were 5 things I absolutely LOVED about serving Sir Kraze:

  1. He is so completely ALPHA…once he began to dominate me, I knew I was completely at his mercy.
  2. His feet are everything I had hoped for…now that I’ve licked them completely over, I find myself yearning for our next real time meet.
  3. The whole time leading up to our session as well as the day after, he was extremely communicative. At no point was I wondering if and when he was coming over to the hotel. And it was cool that he checked on me the next day to make sure I was all good. Very nice touch!
  4. He said several times during our early conversations that he wanted to pay attention to my triggers. He mentioned how it’s important to him to tailor his real time sessions to slaves’ individual tastes. Yet he also never left you wondering who was in charge!
  5. The next day I was still so weak for Sir Kraze that I ended up ordering something off of his wishlist.  I love the fact that his influence went far beyond the moment of worship. That’s REAL POWER!

If you’re looking for an Alpha with REAL domination experience, American Jock looks, beautiful and amazingly aromatic feet, then look no further than Sir Kraze!