Things we need to fix about findom!

Most Doms and sub engage in Findom as a form of escape. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there who ruin the fun for everyone. Here are a few things we need to fix about this scene:

  1. Fake Doms who steal media from Instagram and elsewhere; they will also give excuses for not full verifying
  2. Subs who don’t check Doms’ pages for verification, don’t check to see if they are verified on the “verified Doms” list, or fail to ask for private verification…you are the main reason we have Problem #1
  3. Doms who have “hissy fits” when subs request some form of verification (No it’s not offensive to have to prove you’re who you claim to be…again, see Problem #1)
  4. Fake/scamming subs who waste Doms’ time with no intention of tributing
  5. InstaDoms and cam models who believe they can hop into this scene and make tons of cash without having any sense of what Findom is truly about
  6. Malicious “subs” who prey on Doms by canceling payments and wishlist orders, vindictively reporting Doms’ PayPal and/or Twitter accounts, and/or looking for other ways to cause havoc
  7. Homophobic Doms who believe their straightness is THE thing that makes them superior
  8. Subs and Doms who call each other “fake” simply because they’re not a good fit for each other
  9. Doms who are not willing to take time to develop a connection with their devoted subs…at its core, true Findom is anchored in relationships
  10. Underage Doms or subs; if you’re not yet 18, this scene is NOT for you!