Verification of Doms

One of the most significant moments in a sub/Dom relationship is that point where they begin to establish trust. Often in this scene, Doms have been burned by numerous “fake” subs who claimed they were going to tribute, complete a task, buy a gift, etc., and ended up disappearing before the promise was fulfilled. Subs have also been burned by Doms who claimed to be the person whose pictures are on their profiles when in fact those pictures were stolen from some random Instagram or Facebook account. Because both sides have been burned, that moment of the first tribute becomes a critical point in the relationship.

It’s because of this key moment that I recommend verification of the Dom. Below I will outline what I believe are two types of verification (FULL/UNAMBIGUOUS and PARTIAL). It’s up to subs and others to decide what is acceptable to them. However, it’s important to note, I only accept FULL VERIFICATION in order to retweet or to add a Dom to the Verified Doms list.


I believe this is the GOLD STANDARD of verification. This is done very easily via a verification video. In the video, the Dom’s face is clearly visible. The Dom simply states and spells out his unique Twitter ID (which includes the @). Sometimes Doms will hold a sheet of paper with their unique Twitter handle visible as they are saying it. It’s also useful for them to state the date on which they are creating this video. With this type of verification, it’s crystal clear that the person with the Twitter ID is also the person in the video. A mistake that many Doms make is they say or show their Twitter name instead of their unique Twitter ID. If you just say your Twitter name, it’s not verification. ANYONE could make a page and list whatever Twitter name they want. However, there is only one unique Twitter ID per person.

This type of verification also protects the Dom! It keeps someone from coming and downloading pics and vids and pretending to the be the Dom. Because the Dom has a verification tied to a specific Twitter ID, someone else can’t come alone and steal his content.

Here is a screenshot from a video of Alpha Ca$hGod (@Superssexy). It’s a great example of a verification vide0 because he both says and shows his Twitter ID. Because he’s speaking, subs can also get a sense of his dominance. It’s a great example of a verification vid.

The final point I’ll make about this excellent example of a verification video is the fact that Alpha Ca$hGod also made this his pinned tweet on his Twitter page. That’s so important! As a Dom, you don’t want potential subs to have to hunt endlessly through your tweets to find a verification video. (BTW, if you are interested in serving Alpha Ca$hGod, here’s a link to his Twitter profile:

Here’s another example of a verification video from Alpha Bobby (@alphbobby). You’ll notice again it’s the pinned tweet:


Everything that I said above about a verification video can also apply to a verification picture. Again, the Dom’s full face is showing in the picture. He has something in the picture with his Twitter ID. A handwritten note on piece of paper will suffice, but many Doms find other clever ways to do this. And like the verification video, the picture becomes the pinned tweet. Here’s an example of a verification picture from Master Hades (@cMasterHades).

While full photo verification is certainly better than partial (which is described below), it’s important to watch out for obvious Photoshopping tactics from fakes.

I recently ran a poll to see how subs felt about the issue of a face appearing in a verification pic/vid. With 283 votes, there was a significant bias towards showing a face in verification. Here are the results of that poll:


There are two ways partial verification can occur. First, you have have a Dom who has a picture/video that doesn’t show a face, but somehow the Dom has incorporated his name or Twitter ID. The picture might show the Dom’s full body up to the neck, but the face isn’t visible. While Doms have many valid reasons for not wanting to show their faces, I’m still calling this “partial verification” because it leaves the sub wondering about how the Dom actually looks.

You might also have a Dom who is showing their face, but the picture doesn’t show a Twitter ID or name. So again, the sub isn’t 100% sure if they are truly talking with the person who is connected to the Twitter handle.

Ideally in a partial verification situation, the Dom and the sub will have an initial exchange followed up quickly by a full verification pic being sent via a direct message. Even better, the Dom will quickly get on Skype and show he’s the real deal, and the sub will also get to see his face. Once this happens, the Dom is now fully verified for that sub! With a partial verification, it’s up the sub and Dom to negotiate how both will feel comfortable going forward. Should the sub pay a tribute first before seeing the full picture or Skype? Should the Dom go ahead and show himself on Skype for a few seconds, and THEN the sub tributes? Again, these matters must be negotiated Dom and sub.

Above is an example of a partial verification pic posted by @19yofindommastr (who stated he would do full verification via video for subs in private).

To the left is a picture of Alpha L (@realAlphaL). As a Dom, he fully understood the issue of verification. He felt very strongly that the best way to fully verify was via direct message with a sub. He suggested I request a pic from with a very specific pose. The picture you see is exactly what we discussed. He also said he would willing to go on Skype as well. As a result of our conversation and the picture he sent, I had confidence the person with whom I was speaking was also the one in the picture.

Although some retweet accounts will retweet Doms who only have partial verification, I will not. I’ve had to limit retweets in some way, so I’ve decided to do that by only retweeting for Doms who either fully verify on their pages OR they send me a DM with a full verification video/pic.


The issue of fake “Doms” is VERY real in Twitter. I see at least 2-3 OBVIOUS fake accounts every week. Twitter can also be very slow to close accounts of obvious fakes even when it has been reported many times. It can be very difficult for subs to stand up to potentially fake Doms because they Dom often has the power in the relationship. They can easily say, “How dare you question me!” to a sub who asks about verification. Additionally, the most determine “fake” will continue to look for ways to beat the system, so continue to be vigilant even with those who’ve followed the steps outlined above.

With all that in mind, here are some tips on how to spot a fake Dom:

If you choose to tribute Doms who have not been verified, it’s important to recognize you’re literally contributing to the problem. These Doms depend on subs who don’t care or know about verification. As long as they can get willing subs to send them tributes, they will keep up their fake ways.