Your first few posts…

So you’ve set up your Twitter account and you’re ready to rake in the big money, but you aren’t sure what to post first. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Verification video: As I mentioned on my “Advice to New Doms” page, one of the first things you want to do is post a verification video. This proves you are a legitimate Dom and your pictures or vids weren’t stolen from someone else’s Instagram. Now that your verified, what’s next?
  2. Feet pics/vids: I’ve run several polls and conducted numerous surveys, and the results are often the same. Feet pics rule in this scene. The best angle for a foot pic is one that shows your full body and your feet. These pics are best done using a mirror, setting up your cam’s timer to take the pic yourself, or having someone take the pics for you. Here are some examples: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.
  3. Something that shows you’re unique: As I’ve said elsewhere on my site, you need to show how you will be different from the tens of thousands of other Doms in this scene. A smart way to do this is in your verification video. In addition to staying/showing your Twitter ID, this could be a chance to make a statement about what makes you unique as an Alpha. Every Dom is posting they are the best, all subs should serve them, subs are worthless unless they serve them, etc. How will you stand out in a very crowded field?
  4. Pics/vids showing off your ASSets: So you’ve posted a few feet pics because you know they get a lot of attention in this scene. What other assets do you have that you can use to get attention from subs? Sculpted abs, bulging muscles, handsome face, beautiful eyes, massive cock, nice ass, etc. Whatever you have, use it to lure subs to your DMs. Doing so doesn’t mean you have to get naked either…I’ve seen many successful Doms tease subs with pics and vids that show just enough to get them weak, horny, and vulnerable. Remember, anyone can go watch porn for free.
  5. Examples of your success: In this scene, success breeds more success. Subs like the idea of serving a winner. If a sub send you a tribute, take a screen shot and post it (after removing any identifying information about the sub or yourself).
  6. You living your life: In addition to being a Dom, you’re also living your life. Occasionally post about it. Take a pic of your hand on the steering wheel or your foot on the gas pedal as you head to the store. Take a pic of the receipt in your hand and tell your subs (or any sub) to cover it. Take a pic or shoot a vid of yourself out having a drink with friends. Subs like the idea of getting a sense of what your life is like so they can do their parts to help fund it.
Derrick Cage – @DerrickCage2017